[PROfile:Chris LaLanne] The Next Generation of Fitness

Chris LaLanne may not have accumulated all the records or awards as his iconic grand-uncle Jack (yet), but give him time.  Assuming he inherited a few good genes through the family tree (combined w/his personal interest in all-things-fitness), I’m sure we’ll be hearing about Chris for many years to come.

In addition to his own fit-biz interests, he’s been tasked to manage the community/blog section of uncle Jack’s website.

Hope ya’ enjoy this li’l journey into the life and mind of Chris LaLanne…

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“The past few years have been life changing for me.  My marriage (7/7/7) to Maribel Gonzalez has encouraged me to be more productive and responsible than ever.”

“I am passionate about helping people help themselves; therefore, I give you the tools to make changes.  If you are successful, I am successful.  This is what keeps me going.

“Our society is sending the wrong messages.  Today, we must outsmart the media’s focus on processed foods.  We all need education and guidance.”

“LALANNE FITNESS (powered by CrossFit) is an exciting community of people that is growing fast.  We are very excited about the future!

“Our website is a fantastic window into our “School of Elite Fitness”.  CrossFit is the fastest growing fitness movement on the planet.

“At LALANNE FITNESS, we teach beginner to advanced level CrossFit classes.  Every functional movement we perform is scalable for the individual, ensuring success for the entire group.  The workouts are short, high intensity bursts of energy, often 20 minutes or less.

“It changes every day, making it fun and stimulating, keeping you engaged.   You will leave our gym feeling better about yourself than when you arrived. Community first, then RESULTS makes for success!”

“The most inspirational man I know is Jack LaLanne.  He is an American hero who has truly made a difference in the world.  I am honored to continue the gospel of fitness and nutrition.”