Fat Loss: As Simple As Boiling Water

Listen up, boys and girls... everyone gather 'round the campfire while Uncle Joe shares a li'l story with ya'll. Ok, so maybe I'm not exactly that sort of story-teller, but here's an analogy I often use to 'splain fat-loss in simple terms... Imagine you have a pot of water that you'd like to bring to … Continue reading Fat Loss: As Simple As Boiling Water


Lance Armstrong*

What ever happened to just adding an asterisk to a controversial record (sporting or otherwise)? 61* - the one that started it all Comcast's customer service* Invasion* of Iraq Religious beliefs* [enter any politician's name here]* Canada* (yeah, like that's a real country)  

Movie Recommendation: Jiro Dreams of Sushi

This weekend, I watched (twice) the documentary of Jiro Ono, an 85 year old Japanese sushi master ("shokunin"). Aside from some absolutely amazing cinematography (it'd seem I'm a sucker for slow-motion closeups of raw fish and a de-focused background) here are a few simple takeaways that one can apply to sushi, personal training, plumbing, accounting … Continue reading Movie Recommendation: Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Judgement Free, My Ass.

This week, there have been reports that scientists have discovered a planet roughly 40 light years away made of diamond. I don't know about you, but I think that's pretty gosh darned cool. Also this week, a picture has been circulating around Facebook suggesting that the corporate douche-nozzles at Planet Fitness are now BANNING one … Continue reading Judgement Free, My Ass.

Live Metal, Lift Iron

Although heavy-metal doesn't enjoy the almost-breaking-into-mainstream popularity it did in back the 1980s (remember MTV's Headbanger's Ball?), I make it no secret that I’m a HYOOOGE fan of the genre and if I have anything to say about it, metal is here to stay. As far as I’m concerned, Iron Maiden is THE ultimate band … Continue reading Live Metal, Lift Iron

Matt’s Barbell: A Short Story

The Olympic bar pictured here isn't a top-quality bar by any standards. It's a bit rusty; has some obvious bumps, dents and scratches... hell, when I loaded it into my car a few months ago, it literally started falling apart; one of the rotating sleeves figured out a way to detach itself from the rest … Continue reading Matt’s Barbell: A Short Story

Thar’s Gold On That Thar Beach

I recently took a li'l trip to San Francisco in search of fitness gold (and a tour of Alcatraz.) Like any big city, it offered the usual fitness options one would expect including the so-called 'judgement-free-zone' of a certain FITNESS establishment that happens to be on a PLANET called earth, but it wouldn't be polite … Continue reading Thar’s Gold On That Thar Beach

Out-Dated Training Technology

Just thinkin' out loud for a minute... while I'm sure there are still collectors, historians or third-worlders who cling to their horseless-carriages, VHS tape collection and cell phones the size (and reception) of your typical cinder block, WHY - knowing what we (supposedly) understand NOW about all-things-fitness - are we still seeing people using outdated, … Continue reading Out-Dated Training Technology

Personal Trainer Pricing

While I do still work with the occasional 'one-off' client, it's been several years since I've promoted my own personal training services by the traditional "hourly" model. Initially, one of the reasons I switched to more of a 'monthly membership' - or 'program design' model was because it was just different enough from what every … Continue reading Personal Trainer Pricing

Grand Rapids Personal Trainer TV Show

Ok, so this post should probably be titled "Calvin College TV Show" - but since one of their media production classes (CAS250) asked me to help 'em with a li'l project this semester, and I was the host of the fitness-themed show - I s'pose it's just as fair to call it the Grand Rapids … Continue reading Grand Rapids Personal Trainer TV Show