“The new phone books are here!
This is the kind of spontaneous publicity I need… My name in print.
That really makes somebody.
Things are going to start happening to me now.”
– Navin R. Johnson (“The Jerk”)


Almost a household name (in his own home, anyway), you may have already seen, read or heard Mighty Joe’s words of fitness wisdom from these and other fine media outlets…

ACE Certified News
American Fitness

Delaware News Journal
Delaware Today
Experience Life

Fitness Truth Radio
FOX17 (Grand Rapids, MI)
Health Fitness Broadcast
IDEA Personal Trainer
IDEA Fitness Journal
Men’s Fitness
Muscle & Fitness Hers
Physique Smart
Post Weekend (UK)
Strength Radio
WJRW News Talk 1340
Women’s Health

Wood Radio 1300
World Talk Radio
Visions Today

MorningCupOfJoe was the featured as the August 2007 fitness-blog of the month

When I say “I wrote the book on home gyms”, I mean it quite literally. See my 3rd edition of  The Ultimate Home Gym Guide.

In Dec 2013, I had 4 workouts included in the Men’s Fitness book, 101 Best Workouts of All Time (if you do the math, this suggests that I created 3.98% of the best workouts ever written. Since it’s in print, it’s gotta be true!)



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