I always enjoy hearing from readers – even those who disagree with my own perspective. But before you send me ANYTHING, I need you do me a quick favor… Raise your right hand and read this paragraph aloud:

I, [first and last name], am intelligent enough to understand that this website is in no way connected to MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” political talk show. In the unlikely case I still choose to send political hate/fan mail with hope that it will magically reach Joe Scarborough, Mika or anyone else other than fitness coach and fan of all-things-Iron, Joe Stankowski, I relinquish any rights to privacy – and the content I submit (including my name and email address) may be publicly shared – and subsequently shamed – at the discretion of the actual author of this website.

Once more: I am NOT “Morning Joe” Scarborough. I am in no way affiliated with MSNBC. Now that you understand who I am NOT, you can lower your hand… and please be sure you know who I am/what this blog is about before using the contact form below.