CARdio: A Simple Analogy

One of the questions I'm asked most often has to do with "cardio" (which I always have to put in finger quotes when speaking, even on the phone.) It seems people use the term "cardio" to refer to one of two things: 1) ones' cardiovascular system (heart, lungs and blood vessels) or 2) the specific … Continue reading CARdio: A Simple Analogy


In The Beginning…

I stumbled across an interview I did with Men's Fitness magazine fitness editor Sean Hyson a couple years back and got to (re)thinking about my earliest experiences with exercise/fitness. I rode my bike everywhere and was a generally active kid, I s'pose. Of course, my video game options were limited to a Pong "system" and … Continue reading In The Beginning…

Lance Armstrong*

What ever happened to just adding an asterisk to a controversial record (sporting or otherwise)? 61* - the one that started it all Comcast's customer service* Invasion* of Iraq Religious beliefs* [enter any politician's name here]* Canada* (yeah, like that's a real country)  

Movie Recommendation: Jiro Dreams of Sushi

This weekend, I watched (twice) the documentary of Jiro Ono, an 85 year old Japanese sushi master ("shokunin"). Aside from some absolutely amazing cinematography (it'd seem I'm a sucker for slow-motion closeups of raw fish and a de-focused background) here are a few simple takeaways that one can apply to sushi, personal training, plumbing, accounting … Continue reading Movie Recommendation: Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Judgement Free, My Ass.

This week, there have been reports that scientists have discovered a planet roughly 40 light years away made of diamond. I don't know about you, but I think that's pretty gosh darned cool. Also this week, a picture has been circulating around Facebook suggesting that the corporate douche-nozzles at Planet Fitness are now BANNING one … Continue reading Judgement Free, My Ass.

Out-Dated Training Technology

Just thinkin' out loud for a minute... while I'm sure there are still collectors, historians or third-worlders who cling to their horseless-carriages, VHS tape collection and cell phones the size (and reception) of your typical cinder block, WHY - knowing what we (supposedly) understand NOW about all-things-fitness - are we still seeing people using outdated, … Continue reading Out-Dated Training Technology

A Letter From A Personal Trainer

Yesterday, I met with a new client with a few challenges - and I'm opening my follow-up email to you.  Personally identifying specifics have been omitted or changed to protect the innocent, but since I know many of my readers are trainers and/or fitness enthusiasts who also have challenges to work with/through/around - and this … Continue reading A Letter From A Personal Trainer

Grrrrrr…. A Rant About Multi-Level Marketing “Opportunities”

This one’s especially for my fellow fitness/health industry pros… In your work with weight loss and/or sports performance clients, I assume you're already giving 'em some variation of the standard recommendation to "eat right."  I also assume you're even helping them understand what that seemingly simple advice actually means.  You may even be recommending a … Continue reading Grrrrrr…. A Rant About Multi-Level Marketing “Opportunities”

Steroids In Pro Sports: You Know You Want It

Here's the deal: I think politicians should keep their noses out of professional sports. Isn't there anything more important they can do to waste their time (and OUR money?) I also believe the way a responsible adult chooses to "enhance" performance is a personal choice, and if an individual feels the potential for benefit outweighs … Continue reading Steroids In Pro Sports: You Know You Want It

Fitness Lesson From A Barbershop Chair

Yesterday afternoon, I decided realized it was time to get my mop-top cleaned up. So I go to the local barbershop, have a seat in the chair and the usual conversation ensues: Lady-barber: "How do you want it cut today?" Me: "I don't really care. I've had skin-tight flat-tops, mullets and everything in between. There … Continue reading Fitness Lesson From A Barbershop Chair