Cast Iron

In addition to my love of heavy metal (the kind you lift and the kind you listen to), I have a thing for cast iron cookware. The older, the better. I maintain a collection of roughly a dozen pieces, some dating back to the late 1800s. I have a few pieces which get used daily, and as any cast iron aficionado knows, they only get better and better with age (and proper care) – unlike the new fangled, space age, “non-stick” materials.

Here you can see the core of my current collection, though pieces do come and go as I find new (read: OLDER) ones.

Cast Iron collection

Most rewarding is when I find an old, rusty piece that I can bring back to life. The cleaning/seasoning process typically takes me a couple days and I always seem to get the itch to restore iron in the middle of winter – meaning, the house is closed up and I get “that cast iron smell” all around me for a week or so. (I really should do it in the spring or fall when the windows are open and I can pull out any fumes with my attic fan… but some things, I never learn!)

From time to time, I may write about specific pieces from my collection. Because Morning Cup Of Joe is all about that Iron.