Grand Rapids Personal Trainer TV Show

Ok, so this post should probably be titled “Calvin College TV Show” – but since one of their media production classes (CAS250) asked me to help ’em with a li’l project this semester, and I was the host of the fitness-themed show – I s’pose it’s just as fair to call it the Grand Rapids Personal Trainer show, too. ;-)

Anyway, over the past couple of months, I developed content for SEVENTEEN 10-minute episodes of a show titled “Beltline Construction” – a double-entendre those familiar with Grand Rapids geography will no doubt understand.

More to the point, below is a brief teaser/highlight reel from the project. I’ll be posting individual episodes at my GRPT site soon and will post some additional “fan page” exclusive content HERE. (“Like” it so you don’t miss a beat)

Have a happy festivus and a “mighty” 2012!

Now on with the show…

[Oh… and a HUGE thanks to my hard-rockin’ musician buddy Mark E. Johnson from Pennsville, NJ for allowing us to use the ‘training tune’ in the show!)


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