Fitness Lesson From A Barbershop Chair

Yesterday afternoon, I decided realized it was time to get my mop-top cleaned up.

So I go to the local barbershop, have a seat in the chair and the usual conversation ensues:

Lady-barber: “How do you want it cut today?”

Me: “I don’t really care. I’ve had skin-tight flat-tops, mullets and everything in between. There is nothing you can do to ruin my hair as far as I’m concerned… ‘cept for this stupid cowlick in the front. As long as you can hide that, just be an artist and do whatever you think will make me look semi-respectable. Any ‘mistakes’ will always grow back (so far.)”

<clip, clip, buzz, buzz…>

Lady-barber: “So what do you do?”

Me: “You mean besides ruling the known universe?”

(we both laugh, though my laugh is more the ‘no, I’m not kidding‘ kind, while hers becomes increasingly nervous)

I give her my standard “I’m a fitness guru – you mean you haven’t heard of me?” elevator pitch.

Lady-barber: “Really? Hey, what do you think about that new ‘hot-yoga’ place that just opened up a few blocks away?”

As it goes for many things related to “eat right and exercise,” I have a usual pocket-answer (see video at bottom), but I figured I’d turn the table a bit and give her some insight into my way of thinking about ALL fitness fads, gimmicks, devices and equipment.

Me: “I tell ya’ what… could you tell me what YOU think about the Flowbee?”

Lady-barber (seeming somewhat puzzled, but willing to play along): “Well… I suppose it’s good for people who don’t have time to get to the barber for a quick touch-up… Or maybe people who don’t like going out to get their hair cut would use it…I imagine it’s useful because it’s supposed to keep the hair clippings from going all over the place, but I never used one…”

Me: “Hot-yoga is a lot like that. Like the scissors or clippers or comb you use, each tool has it’s purpose, but it also has inherent limitations – and the wide range of tools I currently use in my personal training business don’t require me to add hot-yoga to the mix.”

Lady-barber: “Okay, you’re done. That’ll be fourteen bucks.”


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