We Didn’t Start The Fire

Look,  I’m as anti-religion as the next guy, but if you’re gonna start the fire, could you also throw in some super sized ‘value meals’, ThighMasters, 6-pack ab shock-belts… and a copy of anything written by Kevin Trudeau?

Tell me, dear reader, what offends you?



  1. While i could rant for days on religious hypocrisy and it’s impact on society……

    i am currently most offended that people feel they should never be offended. We, as a nation, are so self-righteous that we feel we should never feel uncomfortable – mentally or physically. I believe being uncomfortable can often times make you better or stronger.
    I don’t lift light weights if I want to improve, therefore I don’t read the same ideas if i want to improve.


  2. I would throw in the gross misuse of the “Sr.” suffix.

    However, if it must be something tangible, I would gladly throw anybody who violates traffic laws by waving people through an intersection instead of taking the right of way.
    ……and, of course, brussel sprouts.


  3. I am not easily offended except when you see two sides of a story, but Morning Joe only shows one side.
    An example of this is Gov. Christy and his bulling the man who ask a simple question that Ms Meg didn’t want to answer because it would have reveiled a side she didn’t want to talk about. The man was bullied. You saw the Gov talk down and in his face.


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