Vibram’s FiveFingers Are For Babies

This weekend (April 24th to be exact), in addition to walking in the Grand Rapids March for Babies, I’ll be there to meet & greet and warm up the crowd.

(Literally. I’ll be taking the 1200-ish expected attendees though a pre-walk warm-up).

I obviously have a preference  for low rep deadlifts and all the anaerobic goodness they have to offer,  but I am certainly looking forward to taking part in this 3mile walking event at the Farmers Insurance Foremost Campus (located off Kraft Avenue at 5600 Beech Tree Lane in Caledonia, MI).

And if you’re at the walk, please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself.  I’m pretty easy to find… I’ll be the guy with the Fred Flintstone (14EE) feet and Vibram FiveFingers.

If you’re not in the Grand Rapids area or can’t make it to the March for Babies for any other reason, but you’d still like to contribute to this March of Dimes fund-raising effort,  I would certainly appreciate it if you’d support my personal goal of raising $400 for this worthy cause.

Vibram Five Fingers Are For Babies (and deadlifts, too!)



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