Beckwith’s Gym (Part 2)

[…continued from yesterday’s post]

“Money?” I laughed.  “That’s easy.  We SELL program design”

He gave me that puzzled look you get from a dog when you ask it a question.

Long story short (whew!), my plan was to sell my program design services, include a gym membership and personal training (which I would pay for out of my program design fee) and EVERYBODY wins.

I often refer to this as my “toy-in-the-cereal-box-approach” (more on that some other day).

The problem was, there are only 20 or so competitive powerlifters in the area – and all of ’em were already training at Beckwith’s.

I realized time was limited as this ship was already sinking and I’d have my work cut out for me.  So I went for the obvious market: women.

Keep in mind, Beckwith’s build their reputation (since 1984) on powerlifting. The kind of sport many people (especially women) find intimidating.

So I purchased a list of women who fit a certain demographic and created a simple postcard to test the waters and see who might be interested in training in such an environment.  I wrote the copy, but it was meant to appear as if it was coming directly from the gym.  The postcard read something like this…

How Else Can We Say, ‘We’re Sorry’?

We understand you might find a traditional gym environment a little harsh. Maybe even a tad bit intimidating. Okay… maybe a LOT intimidating. And we realize it’s our fault. We’re guys. What do we really know about anything?

But we’ve been listening and you’ve been right all along.  We’ve been selfish jerks and we’re sorry.  Now we’re just hoping you’ll give us a chance to show you how much we want to change.

This isn’t a bouquet of flowers, but we do have a FREE Gym Membership and Personal Training offer we’d love to tell you about – if you’ll just give us a chance to start over…

All we’re asking is that you visit* to see how we’re trying to make things right.

Please check it out…  We really do want to change.

Love always,
Beckwith’s Gym

P.S. Please say you’ll meet us half way…*

[* now that the gym is closed, this page is no longer active]

Again, the gym owners thought I was nuts.  “…but this is a hardcore gym.  This kind of thing will make us look… mainstream.” (gasp!)

I challenged ’em with the question: What is McDonalds known for? (Ironic choice, I know – considering what I do and all…)


Exactly.  But can’t you also walk into a McDonalds and get a chicken sandwich? Yogurt? SALAD?!  Even with those options on the menu, they’ll never be able to ‘shake’ their image as a burger joint.  Same with a gym like Beckwith’s.  You’ll ALWAYS be a hardcore temple of the iron.

But as far as I can see, you have exactly TWO options…

[to be continued…]


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