Who Are You? (alt. title: “I’m Baaa-aaack”)

Jeezh!  Time flies, huh?  It’s been awhile since my last post.  Over a month, in fact.  No, not a case of blogger’s-block or anything life threatening (other than a near fall from the wrong end of a tall ladder, but that’s another story).

I’ve just been caught up in biz, travels, etc.  I guess what they say is true: Life happens – even to the best of us.

(I don’t know if ‘they’ really ever said that… as far as I’m aware, I just made it up.)

Anyway, for the past several weeks, I thought about doing some ‘best of the cup’ posts, but that just seemed cheap and tacky.  Not to say that I’m NOT cheap and tacky, but if you want to see any of my old posts (you know you do), it’s easy enough to navigate your way around this blog.

But there is something I want to know about my regular readers…  Are you a ‘fitness enthusiast’?  Somehow tied into the fitness industry?  Or just a misguided soul who gets an inexplicable sense of enjoyment from reading my words on paper…uhm… I mean a computer monitor?

Oh, and even though I haven’t been doing a whole lotta blogging, per se, I have been active in other “social media”: adding vids to my youtube channel, facebooking, tweeting, linked in-ing and the like.

So if you’ve suffered through the last month wondering when you’d get your next Joe-fix, have no fear my little friend.  In the immortal words of ZZ Top, “I’m bad.  I’m nationwide.”  Any way you look, I’ll be there. (well except for here.  But you know what I mean…)


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