Why Do You Join A Gym?

I’ve been having a discussion with a gym owner I recently met and he’s convinced people choose his gym over others for a reason I strongly disagree with.

We’ve started polling new members and the results are leaning heavily in my favor

(note to self [as if I’d ever forget]: I am always right).

How ’bout you?  Why do YOU join a gym?



Add yours →

  1. Joe:
    I know we’ve talked about this subject before, but I can’t remember your opinion. I know it took me a long time to overcome my fear of intimidation before I would walk into, let alone join, a gym. Even now after embracing, so to speak, the fact that I will never be an underwear model, I still find some gyms realy intimidating.
    That said, the fastest way for me to feel comfortable in such a place isn’t for the buff to be evacuated but to meet the staff. If the staff is friendly and open and perhaps a bit sensitive to the intimidation factor then I will feel okay enough to stay.
    Equipment, location and a bargain price are pointless if the clients won’t cross the threshhold.
    So what is your owner friend’s opinion?

  2. Great feedback, Andrew (as usual!).

    Gym owner/friend thinks he has to compete on price.

    Problem is, there’s a new wave of franchise offerings that can afford to undercut all the REAL gyms – at least in the short term.

    His response is to drastically cut his membership fee… a HUGE mistake IMO. Unless… he’s willing to go as far as the ultimate undercut: FREE.

    Even the biggest franchises can’t go THAT low.

    Of course, he looks at me like I’ve lost my mind when I suggest that, but we’ve got something pretty cool in store.

    Free gym membership AND free personal training! Think that’d get prospective members to cross the threshold?

    Details coming soon…

  3. What do you mean by reputation?

    I tend to think that, meaning I’d join if the gym has a reputation of training people well.

  4. “Reputation” (and any other option given) can mean whatever you want it to.

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