Is That A Bag of Cats In Your Pants?

Is your butt soft and saggy like a bag of kittens?

In my book, nothing beats squats, deadlifts and lunges when it comes to shaping those muscles you’re sitting on right now – but sometimes you gotta step back and make sure the muscles you think are working are actually in the game.

This morning, I took Fox 17’s Smita Kalohke through three glute shaping exercises you don’t want to miss.

(of course, you’ll need to click the link you just skimmed over to watch ’em)

In the 3rd exercise, you’ll see the “ValSlide” created by celeb trainer Valerie Waters.  I still have the gray-colored version she sent me way back when they were still in ‘beta testing’ mode.

Learn how Val uses her ‘secret weapons’ to shape some of the most recognizable backsides on the red carpet at  As Jennifer Garner says about the ValSlide, “It’s deceptively simple and incredibly effective…”

Can’t argue with that.



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