Michelle Obama: Fox-y lady?

In case you missed yesterday’s preview video, this morning I made another appearance on Grand Rapids’s Fox 17 Morning Show to take Sarah Brodhead through 3 exercises that’ll help you develop arms even Michelle Obama would be proud of.

Anyway, here’s a link to the segment as you’d see it on TV (nothing but Hi-Def news broadcasts at Fox… Brian, you know what I’m talking about ;-) ).

[7.13.09 UPDATE: the link above is no longer accurate as wxmi.com is now fox17online.com.  Will post new link if/when it becomes available]

And because you know how hard I work to keep my legion of adoring fans (all 5 of you) entertained, here’s some behind the scenes footage I put together with my Flip Cam.  Trust me, you don’t want to miss it…

“I had a very unattractive transvestite throw softballs at me for half an hour…”
-Tracy “barefoot’n” Forner

“I’ll flash west Michigan” – Sarah “the animal cracker” Brodhead


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