The Most Important Fitness Training Skill?

I’ve been around the block a few times.

Seen my fair share of personal trainers along the way.

One thing all of us have in common is our ability to count reps. This isn’t meant to imply that we SHOULD count for our clients, but in my experience, it’d seem that quite a few trainers still consider this elementary ‘skill’ a critically important part of the service we provide.

If you are currently working with a trainer or are considering hiring one, here’s a quick tutorial (in multiple languages) designed to give you a head start on your next workout.

1: one, uno, eins, un, I
2: two, dos, zwei, deux, II
3: three, tres, drei, trois, III
4: four, quatro, vier, quartre, IV
5: five, cinco, funf, cinq, V
6: six, seis, sechs, six, VI
7: seven, siete, sieben, sept VII
8: eight, ocho, acht, huit, VIII
9: nine, nueve, neun, neuf, IX
10: ten, diez, zehn, dix, X

Now that we’ve covered the basics, I’m confident you can do this on your own from now on.

If a trainer insists on counting for you, my suggestion would be to find a different trainer… preferably one with more advanced skills.



  1. Joe!

    This is great! (Don’t know how to count Roamn Numerals out loud though…)

    First off, I don’t count for any of my clients. All of them note this to me. “My last trainer counted my reps!”

    “Did he wipe your pooey bum too?”

    Second off, I can’t count that high while I’m busy yelling at everyone to get their butts in gear.

    Keep on rockin’ Joe

    ~ The Lukester


  2. that’s a riot! Kind of like all the golf pros that tell their students what they are doing wrong. Duh! the student already knows. Try telling them what they do right and how to do it better :)

    For Lukester- Listen to Bob & Tom. They have a fun radio show and often times play the 18 wheels on a big rig song. They count them in Roman Numerals. Pronounced same as the letters.


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