Today’s Young Athlete is Tomorrow’s Hall of Famer

I gotta give IYCA founder Brian Grasso a lot of credit.  Brian and a growing number of fitness trainers around the world not only recognize the business potential the youth fitness market offers, but they actually enjoy working with a room/field/court/gym full of kids.

Some would say I’m missing the boat, but I know exactly where my strengths are.  I have no problem admitting I don’t have much interest (or patience) needed to work with large groups of kids.  It’s challenging enough working with some adult’s limited attention spans (thanks for ruining a generation, MTV.  Now would you please bring back Headbanger’s Ball, already?)

Trickle-Down Effect
As far as I’m concerned – especially when it comes to kids and weight issues – I’d rather work directly with the parents.  They will (or at least they should) leave a much deeper impression on their own children than I ever can.  More often than not, overweight kids have parents who are inactive.  By guiding parents to become better role-models through their own actions, the whole family reaps the benefit.

Planting the Seed for Athletic Success
One of my gym buddies from the mid-’90s when I trained at the legendary Quads Gym recently wrote a book (inspired by her own children) to help parents create the MINDSET of a champion at an early age.  Having dreams.  Setting goals.  Tracking achievements.  It’s a great bed-time read.  If you’re looking for a holiday gift idea for the future hall-of-famer in your life, grab your credit card and hurry yourself over to order Athlete’s Dreams by Brenda Clevidence (tell her Big Joe sent ya’ and she may even sign your copy)


I always wanted to be mentioned in the liner-notes of an Iron Maiden album, but if you read the fine print at the beginning of this book, you’ll see my name in the “special thanks goes to” section.  Bruce Dickinson.  Brenda Clevidence.  What’s the difference?  My name is in print.  Big things are going to happen to me now.



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