Eureka! New Unit of Energy Described

If you’re anything like me, you respect and admire the science geeks who brought us the Watt, Joule, BTU and Calorie, but as far as units of energy go, those are all like, so 1860s – ya’ know?

Funny how I was just thinking the other day, “Joe” (as I said to myself) “it’s high time we have a new way to describe energy.”

And whaddya know, as I was working out in my near freezing garage this afternoon, I discovered it.

Being the humble kind of guy that I am, I’m naming it the Jcal (that’s short for ‘Joe calorie’ in case you’re wondering. Capital J should go without saying)

I certainly don’t want to make you feel insignificant by tossing around any hard-to-understand scientific mumbo-jumbo or mathematical formulas, so the simple explanation of a Jcal is that it is the amount of squatting it takes to raise the temperature of my garage gym from 34 to 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

Take that, James Prescott Joule!

How do you measure the intensity of YOUR workouts?



  1. Intensity is measured by the number of wtf looks I get as I walk to the locker room.

    The more wtf looks I get, the closer I resemble someone who just took part in a wet t-shirt contest.


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