Personal Training In Delaware?

I am interested in providing my husband a gift certificate for private lessons with you.  He is an active 30-something who works out at least 3 times a week if not more; however he is not losing weight like he wants.

He is a strong individual who uses exercise not only to keep in shape but also for health reasons (high blood pressure).  Can you give me a call or email me to let me know what type of packages you offer for private lessons and what the price would be as well as your availability?

My husband has a hectic schedule (but don’t we all).

Best regards,


Phone: 302-XXX-XXXX

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Thanks for your email.

Unfortunately, I’m no longer able to accept one-on-one clients in Delaware (mainly because I moved to Michigan and the 700 mile commute is a killer!) but I may still be able to help you…

First, I highly recommend AGAINST buying personal training sessions for another person.  You know the saying about ‘leading a horse to water’…

While I could possibly recommend a trainer in your area, if your husband isn’t 100% on board with the idea, there’s a good chance he’d just go through the motions and fizzle out unchanged.  I obviously don’t know him, but I’ve seen this happen time and time again – In fact, I won’t allow anyone but the actual client/member pay for my services.  If we’re expecting serious change, I need them to be PERSONALLY invested in the entire process.

Plus there’s more to it than simply scheduling “lessons” or “training sessions” – the likelihood of his exercise technique being the limiting factor is very slim.  And if your husband is already training regularly, there’s a good chance he already understands the nuts & bolts of a “proper workout”.

Most trainers will only be able to give him slight variations of whatever he’s already doing (something I’m sure he can easily do on his own if he so much as picks up a reputable fitness magazine) – but variety alone doesn’t guarantee results.  The “trick” is having a logical training system – a personalized interpretation of progression – of 2 basic concepts:

1) Eat right


2) exercise

Eat right can be easily addressed through Dr. John Berardi’s Precision Nutrition program – it’s the same plan I use w/my private coaching clients and I recommend it to everyone, and it makes a great gift for about $100.  It’s a complete system of audio/video/written/web-based material.  Can’t really say enough good things about it – check it out.

The exercise part of the equation doesn’t have to be overly complicated (though a lot of trainers would like to make it seem like it is).  If his training program needs a complete overhaul, my friends Alwyn Cosgrove & Lou Schuler wrote the best book on the market: The New Rules of Lifting (available at, Barnes&Noble, Borders, etc)

[If you have any interest in updating your OWN training program, they also wrote The New Rules of Lifting for Women (along with Cassandra Forsythe).  Can’t beat these books for about $20]

If after all of that, your husband decides he needs professional guidance to make sense of it all, I’d be happy to schedule a time to chat w/him for 10-15 mins and see if it’d make sense invite him into one of my distance-coaching programs – more affordable than my private coaching and PERFECT for those w/’hectic schedules’.


P.S. Another idea, if he doesn’t already receive it is to get him a subscription to Men’s Fitness magazine.  I admit I’m a bit biased because I do a lot of work w/MF, but it really is one of the best fitness mags out there.

P.P.S. If you’re still stuck on the idea of ‘personal training sessions’, let me know and I’d be happy to send you my checklist of questions to ask before hiring a trainer.

P.P.P.S. If you REALLY want to blow him away with a gift idea, I have a house for sale in Wilmington – buy it and I’ll even throw in a set of PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells!



  1. One year ago I was a perfectly fit, 30 year old. Six months ago I was hospitalized, diagnosed with kidney disease, and told I would not have the same quality of life. While I was incarcerated in the hospital for a month, all of my beautiful muscle disappeared. I want my curves back. What can I do to gain my breast, butt, and thighs back. I consume so much meat. I don’t have an ounce of fat on my body.I don’t even think it’s possible (for me to gain fat).I have to get in shape for this transplant. Even though I am exhausted, I still exercise. I do leg curls, squats, stairmaster, and walking. Do you have any more suggestions for me. I value your opinion.


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