Powerlifting: Finally an Olympic Sport?

One of the obstacles preventing powerlifting from ever becoming an Olympic sport is the way some federations promote allow the abuse use of assitive supportive gear such as knee wraps, squat suits & bench shirts.

Lifters typically argue their safety/protective qualities while opponents are against the additional, near superhuman weight that such specialized gear allows one to lift over their “raw” poundages.  (I once saw a shirt press 350lbs while nobody was wearing it)

I’ve trained and competed with and without supportive gear, so I’m not here to debate whether the use of it is good, bad or ugly, but I do believe that if PL is ever to be taken seriously by outsiders (and for their respective “world records” to have any meaning), the powers-that-be need to agree on a single standard of supportive/protective gear which will be allowed in competition.

If it’s up to me, triple-ply kevlar supersuits will become a thing of the past.  I’m casting my vote for the latest technology from Honda (just don’t expect to see me driving one of their toy cars anytime soon)…

Nice gams

Okay, so maybe it looks like the bottom half of CP30, but before you criticize it on style alone, you need to watch the video of this machine in action.

I can’t wait for ’em to release the top half so maybe I can finally have a respectable bench.



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