Roe v Wade (well, sort of)

Keeping the political-theme alive until this election cycle finally ends later this evening (or a month from now if hanging chads make a comeback), I thought I’d tackle the issue of Roe v Wade. (I mean, why not?  I’m a fitness geek – that should be enough to qualify me)

First things first: Correct the spelling to ROW v Wade.

Now that we have that out of the way, both rowing and wading (progressing to deep water running) can be excellent forms of exercise.

Case closed.

So which political issue would you like me to take on next?


One Comment

  1. OK, Joe, here’s one: impending tax hikes versus the campaign promise of a tax break for 95%…
    (Maybe it relates to hiking or working at 95% of one’s 1RM??)


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