We’re All A Bunch Of Idiots

I’m speaking on behalf of the mainstream fitness industry* – certainly not myself (seeing as this is MY blog, it only makes sense that I’m granted diplomatic immunity against any personal or professional critique) – but since I’m the one making the following observation, I hereby appoint myself Grand High Exalted Mystic Ruler and speaker of the house.

So anyway, our…er… I mean the fitness industry’s* collective idiocy stems from the fact that they keep trying to get John Q. Public to get onboard the so-called “fitness bandwagon”.  As history continues to demonstrate, this approach just ain’t cuttin’ the mustard.

A better strategy would be to kick everyone OFF the bandwagon.  Make ’em push the darned thing.  Drag it.  Carry it.  Run in front of it.  Just don’t let ’em plop their increasingly lazy butts on it expecting to be shuttled off to some magical land called Fitness.

* by mainstream fitness industry, I’m referring mainly to crappy infomercial gadgetry and celebrity “fitness gurus” who suggest their products make weight loss “easy”.  A growing number of under-the-radar private trainers & coaches actually ‘get’ that fitness requires effort well beyond that which the marketing slicksters would have you believe.  These are the people you need to start listening to.  Capice?


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