New and Improved Home Gym Guide

If you haven’t already downloaded my “Ultimate Home Gym Guide” (version 1), you still have time to get it for free – though if you’re a regular reader of “The Cup”, I can’t imagine you don’t already have it.

Now that I’m settling in to life in Grand Rapids, I’ll finally be able to put the finishing touches on Version 2 (NOT a freebie) in the next couple of weeks.

Send me your questions about designing, purchasing, maintaining or getting most out of YOUR ultimate home gym before I wrap up Ver.2 and I’ll be happy to email you a copy as a gift.  Questions must be in before Oct 31, 2008.


BTW, you may remember the pics of my basement gym in Delaware… here’s my new garage gym in Michigan (definitely gonna have to put a heater in for winter!):

Garage Gym

Click for larger picture

Best part about having a gym in the garage is that I have direct and immediate access to the outdoors for sled-dragging, farmers-walks and other dynamic/agility work that just won’t “fit” indoors.  (plus, my neighbors seem to enjoy the show)

UPDATE: One more pic using a better camera…


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