You Most Certainly DO Look Fat In Those Pants

Apparently, making people feel poor motivates them to buy lottery tickets, so I figured I’ll try a li’l experiment of my own and see if this idea translates to the fitness-coaching biz.

Don’t take this personal, but…

You’re fat. (yes, I mean YOU)

You’re so out of shape.

You sweat while doing absolutely nothing.

oh boy – my phone should be ringing off the hook any minute now!

You can’t make it up a flight of stairs without gasping for breath.

You’re so weak, you can’t even open a pickle jar.

I can hear the cash register now… cha-CHING!

Is that your BMI or your I.Q.?

Stay away from the beach, you’re making the tide come in, Tubby.

ummm… can I get $5 on the Powerball?



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