The Lost PROfile: Valerie Waters

Buried deep in my list of things to do has been the task of transcribing and editing an audio interview I did with my friend & colleague, Valerie Waters. (Note to self: In the future, only do PROfiles by email.  Transcribing is clearly not one of my stronger points)  Finally, here it is – for your blog-reading enjoyment…

While her name is usually prefaced by the title of “celebrity trainer” – I suspect this has something to do with the fact that her clients include Jennifer Garner, Jessica Biel, Cindy Crawford and too many other Hollywood starlets to mention – Val’s pride & joy is her own creation, the ValSlide.  It’s an amazingly simple piece of equipment, but when used correctly, the ValSlide can be every bit as versatile (and effective) as a stability ball or a set of adjustable dumbbells.

I suppose it might’ve been tempting for Val to keep her ‘secret weapon’ to herself, but because she sees a bigger picture than simply maintaining her status as the go-to trainer when it comes to creating that long, lean Hollywood look, don’t be too surprised if you find the ValSlide in a store near you (or you could just order ’em online like everyone else does in these modern, technological times).

While she catches occasional flack from those who argue that “long & lean” is determined by genetics, and unless she’s reattaching a muscle’s origin and insertion points, she’s not ‘creating’ anything, there’s no denying the results her clients get – and THAT’S what it’s all about.

“I do train different than some of my colleagues who I admire and respect, but even Mike Boyle and I can agree to disagree” Val tells me.  “We’re not gonna train the same.”

A “Not Very Fancy” Day in the Life of Valerie Waters

“I work out at home first thing in the morning; followed by the usual shower/breakfast/feed my doggies routine.  I see my first client at 9; afternoons are spent in the office, working on various projects.  I may see another client or 2 later in the day, but I like to wind down by 6pm, maybe do some yoga.  That’s about it – Nothing fancy.”

Even though Val has worked with celebs most trainers would give thier right biceps brachii to train, she says, “I keep learning more… getting inspired by all of my colleagues when I watch what they’re doing.  I want to see what you do with your blog.  I want to see what Alwyn (Cosgrove) does with his DVDs.  I want to see what Mike Boyle is doing with his coaching – because I learn from everybody.”

Not the complacent type by any means, she adds, “I want to continue to grow as a person and as a trainer; to grow my business in a way that I’m able to provide great information that people find use-able.

“I know I’m a good trainer.  I feel good about what I create for my clients, but I’m famous only because my clients are famous. What I would really like to be known for what is what I bring to the table.”


“Joe, could you hang on a minute?  That’s Jennifer (Garner) on the other line.”

Val, between the ValSlide and your Red Carpet Ready guide, I’ve already forgotten who you’re talking to.


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