[PROfile:Bill Hartman] Likes Steak. Loves Sammy Hagar.

Everybody who’s ever lifted a weight surely knows who Bill Hartman is.

You mean the guy from Saturday Night Live and the Simpsons?
I thought his wife killed him… Man, that guy was hilarious!

No, no, no… that was PHIL Hartman.

But Indianapolis-based Bill Hartman is quite the funny man, too, as you’re about to find out. (Plus, he knows a thing or three about fitness)

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Fitness buffs will recognize Bill as a contributing author to Men’s Health Magazine (and formerly of another well known fitness magazine written for men, but shall remain nameless for purposes of this post.)

Smart golfers are familiar with Bill’s program, Your Golf Fitness Coach‘s Video Library Volume 1

I suppose I could also mention that Bill is the co-creator of Inside-Out: The Ultimate Upper Body Warm-up, contributor to Shape-Shift, Speed Experts, a Board Member of the IYCA and a chapter contributor to The Essentials of Youth Conditioning text, but that might be more than you care to know.

What I will tell you is that Bill is the owner of PR Performance Sport and Fitness Training and you can check him out at his blog.

(Oh, and he’s also co-author of the Total Body Workout (formerly known as The Muscle Prescription) with Adam Campbell)

Bill says, “I owe my writing experiences to Adam Campbell who saw my posts on a message board and asked me to start writing. He may be one of the coolest human beings on the planet that I’d go out of the way for, yet we’ve never met face to face.”

Well aware (and justifiably proud) of his over-achiever tendencies, Bill explains, “I’m the favorite child of four siblings from the world’s most competitive family (3 intercollegiate athletes and one doctor). I, of course, had the highest SAT scores.”

Yeah, but what do you do when you’re not working?
“Twice a week is date night with the lovely Diane, my wife and CFO. I’ve recently taught her to kick the bag and hit the target mitts which she just loves (she’s also a big UFC fan…the perfect woman). She’s always been a great wrestler. Most girls like to hit the mitts as they never got to hit anyone growing up. It’s interesting to see their faces light up when they make good contact.”

Who’s on Bill’s Speed Dial?
“I consider myself lucky to actually call guys like you, Alwyn Cosgrove, Mike Roussell, Mike Robertson, Brian Grasso, Rob Pilger, Pat Rigsby, Jim “Smitty” Smith, Robert Dos Remedios and countless others in the fitness field my friends.”

Brushes with Greatness
Bill recently had a client who is good buddies with George Bush…yes, that George Bush.

“I’ve stood next to Sammy (Hagar) on stage during a show. True story…he puts bleachers on stage and me, my wife, my bro, his wife all were up there and he came over and signed my shirt. Ah, memories…”

He even saw Ruth Buzzi at an airport once.

“The alarm goes off at 4am. I then begin the mental argument with myself that I will go through every single day:

Unmotivated Bill: I’m too tired to get up.
Motivated Bill: Yes, but it’s the only time we have to train and represent all those things that your preach.
Unmotivated Bill: Yeah, but I’m too tired to get up.
Motivated Bill: Successful people do whatever is necessary to achieve their goals.
Unmotivated Bill: It sure is warm under the covers…It’s cold out there.
Motivated Bill: Sacrifice is about giving up something now, like a little sleep, to achieve something greater later on, like a lean, muscular physique.
Unmotivated Bill: I’ll just hit the snooze one time then?
Motivated Bill: Get up you pussy. It’s time to train!!
Unmotivated Bill: Okay! I’m up… I’m up!

“I dress, get a workout drink and walk all the way down the hall and then down into my palatial gym…1,000 square feet of top of the line equipment and gear with all the bells and half the whistles.

“My warm-up is either a body weight circuit, barbell circuit, or some form of interval training followed by mobility exercises. Lately it’s been intervals due to fatigue and I’ve been on a fat loss program for a while (down a total of 28 pounds since Thanksgiving).

“I’ll be switching to a hypertrophy program soon as I have been motivated by my recent foray into powerlifting.”

JS: Now you’re talking my language, Bill.

“Depending on the day, I read my Morning Cup of Joe (let me wipe this off my nose) and either head off to 1 of 2 physical therapy clinics that I manage or start my day training my early clients at 6 am. (As your trainer, I must advise you that it’s unhealthy to train this early…Yawn!)

“If I’m in clinic, it’s a 10 hour day and then back home to train late clients. If it’s a training day, I’ll have client off and on throughout the day and mix in some catch-up writing for Men’s Health, keeping up with emails, online clients, and website stuff.

“Lately a lot of time is devoted to planning the opening of a new gym that I’m opening with Mike Robertson, the Indianapolis Sports and Fitness Training Center.

“Evenings, I write, update client programs, or study something that is of interest. This tends toward the business side of things these days, but I’m a technician at heart and can’t stay away from functional anatomy, therapy and training stuff. (Unless the new Batman or Spider-man comic came in the mail!)

“I try to be in bed by 10 pm which means it’s usually more like 11, but I do occasionally get some sleep.”

Want to meet Bill in person? There’s still time to register for the May 17th Indianapolis Performance Training Seminar

“You still owe me a steak, eh, Joe?”

JS: Bill, by now, I probably owe you two. And that’s no bull!



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