I’m Fat (And Personal Trainers Only Want My Money)

Real email. Real response (slightly edited for readability).

I realize it’s not my usual sarcasm-laced, trying-too-hard-to-be-funny post, but you might find it useful.

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I’m frustrated with my weight but love to work out. I have four kids and I can’t go to a gym but I have a Precor elliptical machine and weights and cable machine in the basement. I just can’t seem to get dialed in on a diet. I hated weight watchers. I have worked with personal trainers in the past and all they wanted was my money!! I got down to 195 and 10% body fat. Now I am fat at 255. So wasn’t sure if you could help!! Have a great day!!

-Mike M.

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Thanks for your email, Mike.

I’ll quickly try to point you in the right direction and save you a few bucks in the process…

Nutritionally, I can’t say enough good things about Dr. John Berardi(“JB” for short)’s programs. It’s the same system I use with my private coaching clients.

Depending how much you really want to learn about nutrition (and how much you want to spend), there are a few ways to get the information you need…

You can get the whole enchilada for about $100 (plus shipping) at PrecisionNutritionPlan.com.

OR you can get Gourmet Nutrition for $40 (plus shipping). It’s so much more than a simple ‘recipe book’, but this book gets more use than any other in my kitchen…

If you just want to test the waters before shelling out any more cash, JB created a FREE 8-day mini-course. (no shipping charges either!)

All of these options are based on the same set of 10 easy-to-understand nutritional habits.

Like you, I train at home (for a variety of reasons)… I highly recommend my ULTIMATE HOME GYM GUIDE (free pdf download) so you can learn some of my best tips & tricks for saving BIG $$$ on anything you may decide to add to your current setup.

Finally, if you need any help with your training program design/advanced training strategies, I currently have a couple openings for my Platinum-level monthly coaching program. If you’re interested, just drop me a line and we’ll start your application process right away.




  1. I have the Gourmet Nutrition Cookbook and its the only one I use anymore! All the recipes taste amazing and I never feel hungry after I eat (like I do sometimes when I plan my own meals).

    Great advice Joe! ;0)


  2. Wow, a serious post from Joe?
    i agree the PN system is fantastic and scientifically based. it is not a fad diet – it is a lifestyle.
    most of us lack motivation and need to find focus – you are not alone.
    if 4 kids are keeping you from the gym (as we all understand) then I would use them to your motivation to create a healthy family lifestyle so your kids don’t suffer the same struggles you speak of.
    PN recipes are great for the entire family and you will instill great veggie habits in your kids
    family walks or active family entertainment works too
    i have found when many people can’t find the motivation to do it for themselves….they can do it for the future health of their own children.
    Good luck and keep trying –
    Oh yeah….and Joe isn’t like the “normal” personal trainer – I’m sure your experience with him would be very different.


  3. Good response to the guy. I like to recommend Berardi’s book, Metabolism Advantage.

    I think of it as PN Light. It’s built on his 7 Habits, but goes into plenty of explanation for the layperson or newbie to all this stuff. It’s got some recipes and meal plans, too.

    If they like MA, and do well, PN is the next step.



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