[PROfile:Tony Mandarich] The Incredible Blog Post

The year was 1989

The location: Hammond High School; NW Indiana

The life-changing event: Sports Illustrated’s cover story on offensive tackle, Tony Mandarich. His intensity (on the football field, in the weight room and in self-promotion) was a huge inspiration to me while I was going through the college football recruitment process.

I’ve never really been one to cling to the physical leftovers of my past, but 2 things I still retain from that period in my life are a recruiting letter from University of Michigan (signed by Bo Schembechler) and the infamous “Incredible Bulk” (Apr. 24, 1989) issue of SI.

And of course, I continue to listen to G’n’R’s Appetite for Destruction while training – but who doesn’t?

Tony counts my fellow-Hoosier, Axl Rose (“lead singer of the greatest in-your-face rock band on this planet”), among his many famous friends.

I was surprised to find Tony’s profile on Facebook and even more surprised when he accepted my invitation to be featured in a PROfile.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

You’re In The Jungle, Baby, And You’re Gonna… Take Pictures?

What do NFL players do when they retire?  Seems like a lot of guys go into real estate.  In the case of Tony Mandarich, he picked up a camera and started shooting.

According to Tony:

MandarichPhotography.com is our commercial lifestyle & advertising photography site, and MandarichModels.com is our site for glamour & female fitness photography. The boys will enjoy this site…and some girls will, too ;~)”

(JS: I only go there for the articles)

Welcome to the Jungle. We Take It Day by Day…

Tony’s daily routine looks something like this:

Wake up at 6:00am

Java (JS: I certainly can’t argue with a “morning cup of joe”)

Meditation – Hold nothing back in any aspect of your life!

Go to the studio to either shoot photography or videography (remember the meditation)

Go to office for post production (remember the meditation)

Manage Mandarich Media Group which includes:

  • – Photography
  • – Video production
  • – Web design
  • SEO
  • – Internet marketing

Home by 5:00pm

Work out at 6:00pm (remember the meditation)

8:00pm eat & review the day and see where I held back if I did.

Usually in bed by 10:00 or 11:00pm

JS: I didn’t ask specifically how Tony meditates, but I’m a big fan of Centerpointe’s Holosync technology. Mediation really is a no-brainer (in case you’re reading this scratching your head, that’s what we language-o-philes call a pun)

Appetite for… Controversy

“I ran the 40 in 4.6 seconds, benched 585lbs and weighed 308lbs when I did it. They said I was on steroids!”

JS: So what’s the real story, Tony?

“I guess you’ll have to buy the book!”

JS: What book?

“I have written a book – a memoir about my life – that we are currently shopping to publishers.”

If anyone has interest in publishing it, you can contact Tony through his websites (or track him down on Facebook like I did.) While my own positive views on steroid use in professional sports are well documented throughout this blog, I’d certainly want to read it to learn more about his take on all-things football/business/life.

Ragz to richez or so they say, Ya gotta-keep pushin’ for the fortune and fame…



  1. I went to Michigan State the fall after Tony left and was drafted. I got to see him play a little bit before I got to State. He was a big deal (pun intended, perhaps.)

    Everyone assumed he was on steroids because of his size and also because it was pretty common in football in those days. I had high school friends on the football team who did ‘roids. Some people, 20 years later, still resent the MSU Spartans that won the ’88 Rose Bowl because of the alleged steroid use.

    All I know is this: I think it would be a blast to hit the weight room with Tony.


  2. I remember reading that SI article about Tony, and remembering how much the article stated that he ate everyday.


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