13 Great Gifts For Bodybuilders

I realize the holiday season is long gone, but in the words of my always-enthusiastic neighbor, “every day is a holiday.”

(no, I do not live next to Ned Flanders)

Here’s a baker’s-dozen gift ideas for the bodybuilder in your life.

  1. Mirrors
  2. Anything made from spandex
  3. Canned tuna
  4. Crocheted syringe cover
  5. Tanning bed
  6. Razors
  7. Terminator Underoos
  8. Proactiv Solution
  9. A tour of the BALCO facilites
  10. Shaker cups
  11. A signed picture of Arnold
  12. Subscription to Flex magazine
  13. Lifting straps

If you arrived here expecting something a bit more on the serious side, check out www.PrecisionNutritionPlan.com.  It’s the most complete guide to goal-supportive nutrition available.

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