Bringin’ Sexy Back

This evening, I was reading a post at one of many online fitness forums I visit and someone mentioned a group of nudists requesting “Naked Sundays” at a gym in the Netherlands.  One of the commenters posted,

I can’t even imagine what would inspire someone to do this. I can’t think of one single good thing about it.

I have a small collection of training programs/books/etc including an early edition of the Charles Atlas program (the one advertised in the back of comic books since the 1930s (maybe even earlier?)). 

I haven’t looked through it in years, but I remember there was a reference to performing his ‘dynamic training’ methods naked in front of an open window (he was also big on fresh air/deep breathing exercises).

Now I dunno who Chuck A’s neighbors were, but I certainly wouldn’t want to catch even a glimpse of any of my neighbors doing those workouts when I’m enjoying a bowl of cocoa-puffs in the morning.  In fact, I’d much rather have sand kicked in my face.

My neighbors notwithstanding, there are plenty of examples of this practice in early physical culture.

The ancient Olympians competed completely naked (I suspect this was to prove there were no hidden weapons in the athletic adaptations of war games). 

Maybe it wouldn’t be a such a problem for a shot putter or discus thrower, but wrestling?  (not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course).

One of the ‘luxuries’ of training at home is that if I ever get the urge to deadlift in my underwear, then dag-gummit, move over Michael Jordan. (“as long as they’re Hanes”)

Oh well, when in Rome…

(does anyone else notice how frequently I use parentheses in my posts?)



  1. Now that you mention it you do use a lot of them but then I like quotation marks so I guess we all have our own quirks in life. *grins* Oh by the way, Thanks for giving me the directions on how get here. Now I have to ask another dumb question, what about the next time?? are you going to add a way for those of us that have to have a different way to get in here to be able to give our answers etc.

    Now whats this about working out at home? I’ve been doing it for just over 40 years now. Don’t you have a web site? I was subscribed to a web site that had a guy what looked like you, I had so many of them, “web sites” that I couldn’t keep up with them and do the routinue I was doing at the time, “Muscle Explosion” by Nick Nilsson. I’m still puttering with it, like it too, I might add. It’s an excellent program and a great workout too. I’ve always wanted to learn the “Charles Atlas” dynamic program. I sent away for it when I was a kid of 9 and I didn’t have the money to buy it. For a long time I just knew ?Charles Atlas” was gonna come and beat me up for not joining his program.


  2. Heavy use of parentheses is a sign of intelligence (especially the used of embedded parentheses (e.g., a parenthetical within a parenthetical)).

    It seems the use of the ellipsis escapes you… poor Joe. Back to special classroom.


  3. I’m sure that as a fellow intellectual/trainer (that makes a total of two of us), you realize the English word “gymnasium” comes from the Greek “gymnos” which means naked.

    Anyone who’s seen the movie American Beauty can tell you what happens when you exercise “naked in front of an open window” …

    Your latent homosexual neighbor (not that there’s anything wrong with that) kisses you then shots you in the head.

    No thanks.

    (Two sets of parentheses and one ellipsis – but I couldn’t pull off the embedded parentheses (except if I try this cheap trick (but that’s too easy))) – Stephen


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