Relationship Commitment Issues

Dearest John,

It’s hard for me to say this, but we both know it’s time to face the reality of this situation.

You and I just don’t get the quality ‘alone time’ we did during the first couple weeks of our relationship.  Our initial togetherness has dwindled down to nothing.

Sometimes you make me feel it’s because I’m heavy and that’s not fair.  It’s just the way I’m put together and you knew that when we first met.

Every day, I patiently wait for you to come home.  To hold me.  To lift me from the floor and make me feel appreciated.

The most I get from you lately is nothing more than a pile of your clothes thrown at me.

I can handle being used.  I don’t mind if you sweat all over me and drop me to the floor when you’re done ‘doing your thing’.

Heck, if you could just give me 10 minutes a day, that’d be a good start.

You can do what you want with me, but I can’t take it when you ignore me for weeks – even months – on end.

Before you come running after me again, you’d better sort out your priorities, mister.

Love always,
Your Weight Set

P.S.  Don’t try to tell me it’s my fault I’m getting old and rusty.  You’re the one who left me in this damp garage all winter.



  1. LOL, I love this! Think I might have to do a trackback for my readers. I hear a lot of my clients tell me they have all the equipment they need at home, but never use it. Well I guess this way I am getting paid! ;0)


  2. Wow, that was crazy. I had to read it a couple times, then read your background to figure it out.

    Just blogged something about relationship commitment issues relating to transparency. Perhaps this too relates to weight…

    Body weight allows people to not be true to who and what they are by being a “protective shield.”


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