When Did Nipples Become Unfashionable?

I went to the post office today to pick up my usual bag of fan mail (OK, so maybe it’s a really small bag, but it’s still a bag!) and what to my amazement did appear but a new fitness-music catalog.

It’s the kind of mix/jam stuff designed for the leg-warmer & leotard ‘group fitness leader’, but somehow I found my way to their mailing list.  Lucky me.

Sitting at a red light, I figure I might as well thumb through this full color publication before getting back to my office where it was certain to make its way directly to the recycling bin.

Then it happened…

Page 6…

They were right there, staring at me – smack dab in the middle of the page…..

Nippits Concealment Strips


The product was billed as

The perfect Solution for times you do not want your nipples to show

A 5-pair package is a measly 7 bucks.

I don’t know if it’s worth it, and maybe I’m the only one who finds this kind of thing funny, but I just had to dig a little deeper to see how big of a problem undesired nipple exposure really is.

According to the Nippits website,

For years, women have been looking for an effective alternative to painful and bulky adhesive taping methods for concealing their nipples.

They continue by suggesting

…Nippits design fills an important niche’ in the area of fashion…

Always eager to learn more, I discovered that

Nippits do not cover the areola.  They compress the nipple to the level of the surrounding breast.

Whew!  Would you believe that my first concern was that the areola would be covered.

Seriously, ladies… are protruding nipples really as ‘unfashionable’ as I’m supposed to believe?

I mean, it’s not like you’ve ever had to deal with being in the 7th grade and while your mind drifts only for a moment, your teacher calls you up to the board to solve an equation at the “worst possible time”.

Just ask any guy far enough beyond the grueling pubescent years if he can recall (or even cares to admit) a time when he walked red-faced and eyes-down to the front of the class protectively clutching a math book in front of his “junk” in effort to hide a raging-hormone induced bulge.

Fashionable or not, THAT’S a market that needs to be better served.

I can’t wait to see what next week’s mailbag has to offer.



  1. Nipples are always in fashion…

    Hopefully, these Nippets don’t fall out, like bra padding, at just the wrong time. Like on a date.



  2. It’s not that nipples are unfashionable, it’s that as with all protrusions of the human body, in America, the population is confused as to what is acceptable as being modest. Plunging necklines showing breasts are okay, but don’t you dare have nipples! Being as naked as possible is okay on the beach, but don’t you dare show your private parts unless you’re on a nudist beach. Reveal as much skin as possible clothing, but don’t show your body outside the fabric. It’s always women’s bodies which are put into the spotlight in patriarchal societies just because men can’t be mature enough to understand and accept the anatomical nature of a woman’s body without acting like juvenile boys who are discovering the opposite sex for the very first time. Men always dictating what women’s bodies should and should not do, what is acceptably modest, what is not and all this dating all the way back to 2000 B.C. when it was perfectly acceptable for Minoan women to leave their breasts out in the open using corset-like garments to push them up!


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