Long Live The Pub Culture

A popular news story says you can add 14 years to your life if you

“don’t smoke, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, exercise regularly and drink alcohol in moderation”

I find it interesting that the study was done in the UK where life expectancy at birth is 79.4 but alcohol & moderation are rarely used in the same sentence. (I assume there must still be a Victorian-era tax law requiring you to pay up if caught using those words together)    

One of the researchers said,

“We measured normal behaviors that were entirely feasible within people’s normal, everyday lives.” 

Where in the UK did they find enough test subjects that consider “moderate” drinking normal

Should I assume this report means the Brits can pass world-leading Japan (where the average lifespan is currenlty 82.6 years) and increase their life expectancy to over 93 years by simply eliminating their long standing fondness for a pint?

Even if this is true, here’s a question – especially for my readers in the UK:

Would you be willing to give up your national pastime* in exchange for a trip to the local farmers market if you thought it would give you the chance to live longer?

*Note to my British readers: before you respond, don’t try to tell me drinking isn’t that much a part of your culture – I lived in the East Midlands for several years on the border of Leics and Derbys.  My village (not all that dissimilar from countless others I’ve seen) didn’t have as much as a post office, yet there was a pub at each end of the road. 

And what about Amy Winehouse?


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