Mayhem, Hellga, Toa and Venom…

Yeah, baby… The Gladiators are back with a vengeance!

Now I don’t watch a lot of TV, but when something as entertaining (and inherently cheesy) comes along as the revival of this late ’80s/early ’90s classic program, it’s a safe bet I’ll be glued to the idiot box until the Hulkster grumbles his final “yeah, brother”.

The current cast of Gladiators absolutely rocks: the names, the costumes, the personas (Wolf, are you ready?  Hooowwwwl!)

“The Arena” offers 10 of the most (apparently) lopsided events any average putz could ever hope to compete against strong, well-muscled Gladiators without the same risk of losing teeth as they most likely would in a late night bar fight.

But sometimes underdogs actually come out on top – such as when Bonnie “Semper Fi” Blanco demonstrated her killer grip strength in “Hang Tough” to pick up 5 points. (the bigger they are, the harder they fall, right?).

Personally, I really enjoyed watching 155 pound Molivan “Moli” Duy getting repeatedly flung from “The Pyramid” like a ragdoll (the smaller they are, the farther they fly).

Perhaps the best laugh I got all night was when Jeff “old geezer” Keller was charged by the ref for giving Wolf ‘the business’ (this must be a politically correct way of saying “throwing punches” for a prime time audience).  At least the guy finally got to live out his dream after a 14 year traffic jam.

I can’t wait to see what happens in round 2.  So if you’re planning on calling me tonight after 8pm, be prepared to leave a voice message – I certainly won’t be taking any calls.


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