Poetry In Motion

’twas the day ‘fore Christmas
and all through the gym
not a member was training
‘cept a guy they called “Slim”.

He hoisted the dumbbells
and lifted the bar;
His gym bag always ready 
in the trunk of his car. 

While ev’ry one else stayed home
to spend time with their loved ones,
Slim needed his daily iron fix
to maintain such massive “guns”.

He’d squat and he’d press;
And he’d grunt and he’d groan.
Pullups & deadlifts
kept Slim strong, lean and toned.

As you’re gulping down cookies
and watching sports on TV,
Realize guys (and gals) like Slim
take their fitness very seriously.

So before you complain
that you don’t have Slim’s genes,
Understand that he knows
what the fit-lifestyle really means.

Day in and day out
without a complaint,
Slim trains like a machine
and he eats like a saint. 

Now his workout complet’d,
as he turned off the lights;
Slim knew he’d be back tomorrow;
to miss a workout is just not right.

Happy festivus, y’all…  I’ll be back in 2008!



  1. So that means that instead of enjoying the holidays, letting go for a little bit, and taking a few days off to spend with our families, we should all be training?


  2. . . . While ev’ry one else stayed home
    to spend time with their loved ones . . .

    Slim’s ripped, but he’s an idiot. Perhaps he has no loved ones? No wonder why.

    Famous last words: “I still spend enough time with my wife/kids/girlfriend/et al.” It’s all about balance.

    Of course, I worked out on Christmas Eve day . . .with my son, at the Y, not my usual place. Killed two birds with one stone. :D

    I know you’re just trying to make a point, Joe, particularly to the folks that never seem to make it to the gym in the first place. But, it’s just too easy to give you a hard time on that one.

    The better ending for the spirit of the season might have been to note how Slim is always at the gym and thinking of himself, and then goes home and, well, of course, the house is empty.


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