You Know You Had A Killer Workout When…

…you can’t get on or off the toilet without supporting yourself on both the towel rack and countertop.

Have anything to add?  Feel free to comment.




  1. Oh, I have so experienced that (many times) and am not sure what is worse getting on or trying to get back off LOL.

    You have trouble changing the gears in your car – now that’s hard!


  2. 30 minutes after your workout is over your wife comes out to the garage gym, looks at you on the floor and asks are you going to be ok?


  3. You know you had a killer workout when 3 separate people in the locker room shower ask you 3 separate times, are you okay? because you’ve been emitting tiny painful groans as you try to stretch and loosen the muscles you just took over the limit and beyond.




  4. Do you have any information on what the health effects are of drinking tons of coffee every day… Or, at least every week day. I find that i need coffee to get on with my work day but then I’m nervous about he future health effects.


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