PROfile:Will The REAL Dr. Mohr Please Stand Up?

Dr. Christopher Mohr earned his PhD in exercise physiology from the University of Pittsburgh.

Dr. Kara Mohr earned her PhD in exercise physiology from the University of Pittsburgh

[I’ve been told the university connection is pure coincidence – they actually met before Pitt].

Can two doctor Mohr’s really be better than one?

Together, this husband & wife team run Mohr Results, Inc, a Louisville, KY based company that works with individuals and corporations to help them improve their nutrition, permanently change their behaviors, and ultimately lead a more fulfilling, healthier life.

Not only is this exclusive PRO-file another example of “birds of a feather” within the wonderful world of fitness, but it shows you how busy couples find ways to get things done.

[NOTE: To help you keep track of who’s saying what, I took the liberty of being politically incorrect and used stereotypically traditional colors to identify the Mr. from the Mrs. You might notice my own interjections appear in black – no, there’s nothing racial about it – just consider it a coffee thing.]

***** ***** *****


Chris was a student… for a really long time.

While working on his MS degree, he started learning about all the opportunities available. During his PhD he started to create opportunities, so when 10 years of school was done, he was already up and running.

“During the first year of my PhD, my stipend was so low I qualified for welfare”

Rather than milking that system, he decided to do something about it
and began submitting ideas and writing feverishly for magazines.

Kara was a professor and/or researcher for several years at different universities:
Eastern Michigan University, Brown Medical School, University of Pittsburgh, and University of Louisville…

“I then realized while research is fantastic, unfortunately
the actual science doesn’t reach the masses
and I prefer to get the messages out to consumers.
I joined Chris and Mohr Results, Inc in December 2006
and I’m doing exactly what I love.”

***** ***** *****

Rise And Shine!

“Typical day for me starts at 5AM…alarm goes off, I get up and brew some tea, get some grub in my belly, review my to do list for the day and goals, read whatever book I’m reading at the time (currently: It’s Only a Mountain) while eating, and head off to the gym at 6AM.

“Unless there is REALLY something pressing, I prefer to not turn on my computer before truly sitting down for “work.”

“After getting back from the gym, eating, and reading the paper, I’m off to the office (that’s 30 feet down from where I eat).”

“My days start around 5AM, with the smell of coffee getting me up and at ‘em like a real go getter. I typically use that quiet time in the morning to go through some emails and enjoy my coffee.”


Chris’ days vary tremendously, depending on what major projects are on his table…

“My day to day routine can be writing articles for magazines/websites, doing lit searches and reading articles for the things I do with the Discovery Health Channel, or being creative and mapping out specific plans for upcoming projects or marketing for current ones.

“Because my jobs differ a ton, I need to have a plan to focus. The key for me is to always have a to-do list ready to go in the morning, so I know where I’m headed.

“Now if I’m traveling, which is about 15 days each month, the days are a bit different, but always start nice and early with my morning workout because I know that if I don’t get it in right away, I’ll struggle to do so otherwise.”

…and Kara’s no slouch either.

“When I’m not traveling for seminars, my days are booked pretty solid with on-line coaching clients. I work with clients all over the country to help them change their behaviors and ultimately lose weight in the process.

“We’re also working on our second DVD to coincide with “Grocery Shopping Made Easy”, so I’m in the planning stages for that.”


“Depending on the day, I’ll either go for a run outside (or on a hotel treadmill) or hit the gym. I love lifting, but am also not a big fan of the “powerlifter” type workouts (sorry, Joe).”

[jeezh, I guess my blood-letting PL video clip has given me a bit of a reputation!]

“I prefer going quickly from exercise to exercise, but still always sticking to those compound movements and using as heavy as a weight as possible…I’m not talking quick workouts like ‘Curves’.

“For example, today’s workout started with

  • Barbell squats
  • Chin-ups
  • Walking lunges (with a barbell in the overhead position like at the top of a military press)
  • Pushups
  • and jumping burpees across the basketball court.

“I took 30 seconds between each exercise and then repeated this circuit 4 times.

After Chris scraped me off the ground, it was time to recover.”

“I’m currently going a bit heavier with my training; for awhile, I was doing more of an interval type workout with weights, so 30 or so seconds rest, alternating upper and lower body training.

“This is ideal for me when traveling because:

1) It takes up less time
2) Hotel gyms leave a lot to be desired, so it’s easier to get creative and you don’t need as much weight with these types of workouts (in fact, body weight does wonders).

“I’m training a little differently now; focusing heavily on major muscle groups to balance out training from my newest endeavor – the 2008 Louisville Ironman.

Keep in mind that I have always been far from an endurance athlete and the most I’ve ever run at once is 6 miles. But I like lofty goals, so thought I’d add this to the mix.

“Now, since training for that hasn’t “officially” started, I’m still doing the gym thing first thing in the morning, but that will definitely shift when other activities will take up more time – but don’t worry, I won’t forget about hitting the iron by any means.”


Kara was recently chosen as one of Prevention Magazine‘s
top diet docs in the country. (Sept 2007)

“It was exciting to be rewarded for something I really work hard at being the best I can be and staying current with research in the field.”

While I must certainly rank among the coolest of “J’s” most people will ever know,
Chris worked with a guy called LL Cool J.

“I was the nutrition consultant for a book with him and had the opportunity to talk business, training, goal setting and loads of other topics with him that interest me. It’s always great learning from those who have created their own success and business empires!”

BTW: Chris also co-authored Human Inferno with another well-known name
The Cup catapulted into stardom: Alwyn Cosgrove.
(at least that’s my version of the story and I’m gonna stick to it!)



Every single client I work with. It’s wonderfully rewarding, so I’m fortunate that I love every minute of my job!”

“Those clients who mean the most really are the clients we work with in our weight loss programs on a daily basis, as the interactions with them are fantastic and you truly know you make a huge difference in their lives.”

***** ***** *****

MohrResults has a blog right on the front page that is updated frequently,
so unless you want me to give you a stern talking-to, you’ll visit it often!


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