Who Is Barry* Hurting?

Ok, I’ll play along with the media on this one.

Let’s assume Barry Bonds did use steroids, growth hormone, insulin and more Flintstone vitamins than recommended on the bottle.

So the *%&#what?!

In this “worst case” scenario: Who really gets hurt?

Now what about the actions of Lindsay Lohan? Britney Spears? Paris Hilton? 

Their senseless crimes put the lives of others at risk.  Try adding up the time they collectively served in jail and you won’t even have to turn the page on your monthly calendar.

Arnold used steroids, smoked a joint on camera, groped women and was elected governor of California.  Where are the liberal wackos when Barry needs ’em?

Speaking of lib-nut jobs, Didn’t Bill Clinton lie under oath?  What was his punishment?

No time served, Hefty McBill is working the campaign trail in effort to help his minor-league wife break into the big leagues.

Maybe when this is over Mr. Bonds can take some AAA ball players and help them get a lucky break, too.

My defense tip for Barry: Let ’em know you DID buy steroids, but you did NOT inject them.


P.S.  A belated congrats on your incredible record, Barry.  No asterisk necessary.


One Comment

  1. Thanks Joe!

    Years ago I had a job researching the medical impact of anabolic steroid use on athletes. During that research I formed a hypothesis that steroids were not anabolic but anti-catabolic.

    If this is true, what it means is that steroids don’t give you magical powers, they enhance hard work. This is the point that I believe is lost on the public.

    I believe their effect isn’t in the building phase of muscle, it is in the prevention of the breakdown of muscle or speeding the recovery phase. Thus, allowing athletes to hit it harder EVERY day. This critical point is that athletes aren’t getting better gains for similar work, but this substance allows them to work harder than the rest.

    I think my strong irritation at the “steroid crisis” in this country is due to the association of magical powers bestowed on these athletes rather than recognition of their hard work.

    This point, in my mind, is a parallel to the “you’ve got good genetics” mindset many of us hear in the gym. I am sure many of your clients and readers work very hard in the gym, make excellent food choices, cook their meals rather than eat out and get 0 recognition from friends and family of their real efforts – all they hear is “you’ve got good genetics”. (or some other simpleminded comment that reduces their efforts to a foregone conclusion)

    Not to jump off the deep ebd but I believe the hunt for “weapons of mass destruction” (aka steroids) is a symptom of the mediocre life many people aspire too. If anyone has a better body –it is genetics, more money – it was given to them, etc. Where did the competition go? Where did the desire to be the best go? It seems for many people if they observe someone doing better than they are it doesn’t inspire them anymore, it makes them want to hunt them down and kill?

    Perhaps the war on steroids just shows that a liberal needs to be elected president. OBVIOUSLY we need better funding in the sciences if the population believes an injection turns you into superman. AND, if the powers that be want to hunt for weapons of mass destruction in the sports arena….well, we saw how that turned out!


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