Celebrities Spotted Hanging Around Cheap Motels

Fitness trends are cyclical, indeed.

This story about shaken (not stirred) mice is sure to set the fitness industry back a few years into it’s not-so-glorious “spot-reducing” past. 

(Which reminds me, aren’t we due for some new research on how effectively the Thighmaster  eliminates ‘the jiggle’ from inner thighs?)

It’s only a matter of time before some lazy arse with “M.D.” after his name transposes this shake-’em-up report into creative ways in which he can sell a worthless fitness program to desperate housewives across America. 

Infomercial gadgets supporting this “new” way to exercise are certain to follow.  When gyms start offering group vibration classes, I might just have to rethink my career choice and get involved in something with more credibility, such as selling used cars or becoming a member of the People’s Temple.

But why wait?  You can drop your quarters into the box next to the bed at the No-tell Motel and after 15 minutes of vibrating good times, you’ll have a lean, firm mid-section.

Well, at least the rodents living in the mattress will have a nice six-pack.



  1. This isn’t completely new. It is a recycled idea. Many, many years ago women used a machine with a belt that went around the waist and it would giggle the pounds away. Not sure if anyone else remembers this or what it was called…..


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