[PROfile:AC & RC] A Tale of Two Cosgroves

I don’t care what anybody says… as far as I’m concerned, Alwyn (rhymes with talon) Cosgrove‘s greatest contribution to the fitness industry (and possibly the world) was giving me my big break into the world of national fitness magazines – a short piece called “7 Minute Solution: The Bench Press” [Men’s Fitness; May 2004] – which I gladly repaid with a pint of beer at a conference in Connecticut a couple years later – That makes us even, right?

On the other side of the fitness & matrimony coin, Rachel Cosgrove is certainly no “Dick Grayson” to Alwyn’s “Bruce Wayne“. No, Rachel is a top-caliber fitness industry Wonder Woman in her own right as you’re about to discover… Now if I can just remember to address her with a proper greeting when we bump into each other at conferences (Hi, Rachel :) )

***** ***** *****

Ladies first…

Rachel is a morning person.

She wakes up at 6am and has her coffee and breakfast while checking email. She works out on a ‘normal’ schedule – about an hour a day most days.

She and Alwyn own a gym in Santa Clarita, CA which she manages full time. She has 10 employees working under her, so her day is usually spent working with the staff, developing new marketing ideas for the gym and chatting with clients.

But a few months ago, Rachel’s life was considerably different when she was training to complete her first Ironman. Most days were spent running, biking and swimming up to 20 hours a week (yikes!) .

She has been published in Women’s Health, Muscle and Fitness Hers, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health and Oxygen. She has competed in Fitness competitions and triathlons and became an Ironman this past year. Rachel also coaches fitness & figure competitors and triathletes.

For more on the life and times of Rachel Cosgrove, visit her namesake website or the BRAND NEW site she’s working on (just remember, you heard it here first).

***** ***** *****

William Wallace has nuthin’ on this Scotsman

A typical day in the life of Alwyn…

  • Wake up
  • Eat breakfast
  • Check email
  • Digest breakfast
  • Get a workout (either in the weight room, the gym or in the back yard)
  • Make the world a stronger, fitter, better place for all

Depending on the day, he may go into the gym and work with his staff of five trainers teaching them program design or some other topic. After that he’ll head back home to write articles, post to his blog or work on his website.

He is a featured writer for Men’s Health magazine and has a book published called The New Rules of Lifting (with Lou Schuler) with another one coming out in January called The New Rules of Lifting for Women.

Alwyn has also self published numerous books – most popular has been his Afterburn fat loss program.

But most of all, his real claim to fame is his Lift Strong project that has already raised close to $100,000 dollars toward research for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (not too shabby, huh?)

For more about AC (as those of us “in the loop” know him) stop by his website (and be sure to tell him you read about him at The Cup).

Note from Joe: if you haven’t already purchased a copy of LiftStrong do yourself a favor and buy it now. If you do have one – thank you – now go buy more copies and consider your Festivus shopping done for the year.


One Comment

  1. Gotta throw down for Alwyn. He is definitely the man (maybe not as much as Joe, but…).

    My first time hanging out with Alwyn was at the Vegas 2005 NSCA convention and he did a great audio interview with myself and co-host Ellen Stein who incidentally just reset world records for her age/wt class at the Orlando power lifting meet.

    He also blew me away with his excellent presentation breaking down fitness myths at the (NOW SORELY MISSED) Ryan Lee bootcamp. It was there that I learned that THERE IS a cream that can reduce cellulite!

    Sweet Jesus! no more working out for me! it is cream all the way ;)

    Great post Joe.


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