In The Beginning…

In the beginning, there were Megabytes.  Lots of ’em – strategically divided among host servers all around the world and The Internet was good.

…then along came Joe.

Since my bi-weekly e-newsletter was actually only being written a handful of times each year, my intent was simply to use a blog as a tool to get back to the habit of regular writing to reconnect with my “peeps”.  But as things often do, this ‘practice field’ has taken on a life of its own.

On the first day, a blog title was born.  Sprouting from nothing more than a creative seed wedged somewhere in my caffeine-soaked brain, took its first breath outside of my mental womb.

On the second day, I posted.  My (occasional) grammatical errors, mis-spellings and incomplete thoughts were now immortalized in the blogosphere for all to see.  Editors, sponsors and lawyers be damned, on March 13, 2007, I wrote what I wanted to write, the way I wanted to write it – and I still do. 

On the third day, I discovered technorati.  Blog ranking now had meaning.  In a relatively short time, I categorized, tagged and keyword-optimized my way out of the blog-cellar up to a somewhat respectable rank.  I even gained a “fan-base” which appears to be growing daily.

On the fourth day, I switched from Blogger to WordPress.  I gained the ability to create pages, view meaningful stats, use domain mapping and customize the header.

On the fifth day, I added widgets to The Cup.  I gave ’em funky coffee-flavored names in effort to stay consistent with the name of this blog.  Ironic thing is I don’t even drink coffee (but if you put a Diet Coke within arms reach of me, I’ll down it before the first carbonation bubbles break the surface).

On the sixth day, I continued to develop my blogging style.  In addition to (hopefully) providing you with something interesting/worthwhile to read, I also entertain myself with a multitude of educational moments, inside jokes and hidden messages which only I can decipher with the help of a secret decoder ring.

While it’s true that some may consider The Cup an inspirational marvel of writing along the lines of Shakespeare, Coleridge or Hemmingway (Earnest, not Mariel), I can only remain humble as I accept my role as a simple messenger of all-things-fitness.

On the seventh day, I rested.  Even on the days I don’t actively post I’m still in creative mode, carrying my ever-faithful Panasonic voice recorder to capture the ideas and events that find their way into my life.  I’ve learned that when I play them back, if I turn my head sideways and squint really hard while staring at my monitor, the posts often seem to magically write themselves.

Today, I write my 100th post.  I’ll lift weights, eat meat and continue teaching others to the best of my ability how they can do the same in effort to reach their personal fitness and/or performance goals.

Tomorrow, I may still get around to sending out my e-newsletter again…

Thank you for making time in your busy day to read my wramblings, post your comments (whether you agree with me or not), suggest topics, link to The Cup and/or otherwise contribute to the ongoing growth and success of this li’l ol’ blog.


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