Hillary Rodham Clinton Breaks World Bench Press Record?

One of my fitness industry peers and current blogger of the month over at JPfitnessa month after The Cup wore the crown, I should note – fitness vixen Leigh Peele has thrown down the gauntlet, drawn a line in the sand, went “nah-nah-na-boo-boo” and slapped me right across my (virtual) face by challenging me to a little game of who-can-create-the-best-blog-titles.

Let’s Get Ready to RUMMMMMMMMBLE…
Of course, this game is simply a light hearted exercise in creating compelling headlines and content for our respective blogs in effort to broaden our readership and entertain the masses.  But being the competitive sumun-nuhbitch that I am, I’m not about to take this challenge sitting down.

Let’s see what’cha got, Miss Peele.


PS> I know what they say about ‘the bigger they are…’, but don’t forget: the smaller they are, the farther they fly ;-) 



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