America Gets Shafted

How can the USA expect to maintain it’s status as the lone global superpower when we don’t even have an appropriately named exercise to show our superiority in the weight room?

You may see why this is troubling to me when you consider the following list of ‘national exercises’:

Romanian deadlifts
Turkish get-ups
Bulgarian split-squats
Roman chair sit-ups
Russian twists
French press
Cuban press
Chek press
(yes, I realize it’s named for Paul Chek and not the Czech Republic, but just work with me, will ya? Some of us have blogs to write.)

The cold war has been over for awhile and I can tolerate Russia having their own movement… but the French?  Why can’t they be satisfied with toast, dressing, fries and kissing?

I’ve traveled through much of France and from what I observed, pumping iron isn’t a part of their cultural makeup.  If there’s a way to take a resistance-based exercise away from them, I’m all for it.  Maybe a quick call to the United Nations will clear things up.

Ok, now back to our own problem for a minute… I’d like to nominate the classic, All-American pushup as our country’s namesake movement.  My backup choices are the power clean and the military press.

Maybe readers o’ The Cup have their own suggestions for an (un)official American exercise?

Have some pride, people.  Let’s show the French what we’re made of!

Cast your vote by leaving a comment below.



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