An Open Letter To Britney Spears

10 Sept 2007

Dear Ms. Spears,

Regardless of the mass-media’s critical reviews of your performance/appearance at last night’s VMA awards, I’d like to congratulate you for returning to the stage after (what I’d assume to be) a very challenging time in your personal life.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should probably tell you now that I’m not your biggest fan.  Please don’t take this personally, though.  The fact is, my musical taste is more along the lines of Iron Maiden, Ozzy and Megadeth (though I will admit Toxic is one of my guilty pleasures!).

Now I’ll get right to the point:  I don’t know who, if anyone, you’re currently working with, but if you want help getting your body back, I’d like to help you.

I’m not interested in tabloid drama, relationship gossip, your hairstyle or how you raise your children.  As long as it’s not me, I don’t particularly care who you clobber with an umbrella.  My only interest is in giving you a body you’re happy with – on stage and off.

Please understand this is not an offering of my services for free – and I’m certainly not cheap, even by Hollywood standards.  I’d put you through the same application process I would any other client – and I should warn you that many people can’t even make it past my first ‘assignment’.

I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume we can get to the point where we agree to work together – As long as you’re willing to give me 110% effort, I see no reason you can’t have a “Greatest Hits…” body again, and in a surprisingly short time – but if at any time I get the sense you’re no longer committed to your training program, I’ll have no problem walking away.

My offer to help is on the table.  If you’re interested in talking, have your people contact me and we’ll set up a time for your intake interview.




Joe Stankowski
Men’s Fitness training adviser
Co-Author of “The Power of Champions”
IDEA Master Fitness Trainer



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