No, I’m Not Gay Bashing. Just Read This.

Back in the 1970s, the classic American Cancer Society’s black & white poster, “Smoking Is Very Glamorous“, was enough to keep me ever from wanting to light up.  Some 30 odd years later, I still have nightmares of that haggard old face and wrinkled fingers clutching a cig with a rigor mortis grip.


Always quick to jump on the coat tails of America’s most successful marketing methods, our British brothers (and sisters)-in-arms are about to launch their newest weapon in the modern war against fags (look, it’s Brit-speak for cigarettes, okay?  I don’t make this stuff up).

Much more colourful than the lone ACS poster of my youth, those quirky Brits are about to unveil a series of 15 images in their anti-smoking arsenal – each one more disgusting than the last (well, you’d have to set them up in order to get that effect, but you get the idea)


I have to wonder what a digestive system would look like after a lifetime of deep fried fish & chips.


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