The People Have Spoken…

One of the many reasons I moved The Cup from blogger to WordPress a couple months ago is for the advanced stats feature.  I get a kick out of the search terms used by unsuspecting web-surfers who are (un)fortunate enough to stumble upon this blog.

For some reason, “Samuri Knife Sharpener” and “MySpace Surveys” are always big traffic pullers, but this week it seems there’s been quite a few people interested in “preventing bulky muscles“. 

In an attempt to satsify the unquenchable thirst for knowledge demonstrated by my growing constituent base of blogophiles, I’m gonna do the unthinkable and let you in on the secret to avoiding those ugly ol’ muscles you’re so afraid of:

1) Do not use anabolic-androgenic steroids (note: these are different from the steroids your doctor prescribed for your inflammation problem or wheezing/asthma)

2) Have typical genetics

3) Be female

Now that we’ve got that cleared up, feel free to lift weights in whatever set/rep combination you so choose.  As painful as it may be for me to say, bulk is not in your future, my friend.

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