Dr. Seuss Would Be Proud

When considering new clients, I start with a simple food-log assignment and phone interview. 

One important part of the phone call is for me to get an idea of the person’s health history to ensure that it’ll be safe for the “newbie” to take part in a progressively challenging exercise program (or suggest appropriate medical guidance before moving forward).

Not being one who likes to work with boring, confusing and time-consuming paperwork, I prefer to streamline my health history questionnaire into a rhyme so simple any kid could understand it.

Now that I’m finally getting mildly comfortable with this whole blogging and technology thing, here’s my updated PAR-Q for your listening pleasure…

Health History Rhyme

If (and that’s a very big IF!) everything works correctly, clicking the link for the MP3 file above should automatically open your preferred audio player.


EDIT:  After I posted this, I realized that if you just hover your cursor over the link, you’ll see a ‘preview’.  Just hit the play button and you’ll be able to hear it via a web-based audio player.  What’ll they think of next?


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