21 Reasons I Prefer To Train At Home

  • I can use lifting chalk and make as much of a mess as I care to
  • I can grunt
  • I can swear
  • I can bleed
  • I choose the equipment
  • I determine the ‘hours of operation’
  • I don’t have to wait for someone to finish using the piece of equipment I want to use
  • I can turn my headbangin’ music as LOUD as I want to
  • I can even listen to Paula Abdul (oh, sh*t.  Did I say my ‘guilty pleasure’ out loud?)
  • I can turn off all music and train in total silence (other than the near-meditative clanging of iron plates gently crashing into each other)
  • I can take my shirt off
  • I can take my shoes off
  • I could wear one of those Borat-style full body thong-y things if I was so inclined
  • No membership fees
  • I’m not bothered by the typical pack of hot, young, spandex-bound groupies hounding me for an autograph or an “all access backstage pass”
  • If a piece of equipment is worn/broken, I KNOW it will get repaired/replaced
  • No guy at the front desk trying to sell me supplements/clothing/etc
  • I never worry about placing any part of my body in the same place that somebody else’s head/butt left a disgusting imprint of sweat
  • I don’t have to do the same ineffective, boring machine based exercises that everyone else does or risk looking like a freak for training “different”
  • I don’t have to put the magazine away when I’m done with it
  • I have total control

Now I’m not saying anybody has to do what I do, but if you are anything like me and prefer to train at home for your own reasons, I suggest you high-tail it over to HomeExerciseResources and download a free copy of my 14 page guide to creating the ultimate home gym and find out how you can save serious cash on just about any equipment you’re looking for.


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