EVERYTHING in life comes with some degree of risk

If you’re gonna eat, there’s that slim chance you may get food poisoning or choke.

If you cross the street, there’s a chance you may trip on the curb or get hit by a car.

If you get out of bed, you might stub your toe (doh!).

If you exercise, there’s the chance you’ll get injured – maybe even drop dead in the middle of a workout.

Risk vs. Benefit
As living, breathing people, we simply have to accept that risk is a part of life – there’s no way around it.

But not all risk should be avoided even if we could.  Lewis & Clark, Neil Armstrong and Jimi Hendrix were the first to venture into their respective territories.  They realized that the potential for benefis outweighed any risks (preceived or real) and through their efforts, they reshaped the face of the world.

The real trick is in knowing how to minimize risk to an acceptable level of tolerance.  Chew your food (and don’t talk with your mouth full!), look both ways before crossing the street, pay attention to your surroundings and recognize potential obstacles.

It’s your choice:  Follow a proven path to fitness or be a pioneer.  You might just stumble upon the fountain of youth (or die trying).

[side note: last week I was interviewed by Dr. Chris Mohr at MealPlans101.  It’s a quick read and you can find it right here – enjoy!]


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