Give It To Mikey, He’ll Eat Anything

Why is that people will only believe what they want to believe?

My good friend and former college football teammate, Mike, has been training and eating like a champ for as long as I’ve known him.  Of course, he’s ‘lucky’ enough to have the physique to show for it.

For many years, Mike has been working with a group of guys that want to get “the look”, too (but aren’t willing to work for it), so they frequently ask him for “the secret” to his success.

The giving kind of guy that Mike is, he never holds anything back.  He’s told ’em his exact workouts right down to the final rep.  They see how he brings high-quality meals from home and refuses to live off of whatever crap just happens to be in the vending machine that day.

But instead of taking any of Mike’s advice to heart, they still remained convinced there was a secret he had to be holding back from them, so the line of questions continued ad nauseum.

Oh, lucky day!
Fast forward several months… one of his co-workers still wouldn’t ‘get it’ so Mike decided it was finally time to share his “top-secret formula” to becoming lean and muscular.

Mike took the guy around the corner and told him he ate cat food.  The wet kind that comes in a can.  Something about a ‘special amino acid combination’ that we just don’t get enough of in ‘regular’ food.

Mike asked him to please just keep it a secret and don’t let the other guys know.  After all, it’d be kind of ’embarassing’ if the rest of the gang found out that it wasn’t the consistent workouts and excellent nutrition afterall .

Malo Gato
Eureka!  This was IT!  He knew all along there just had to be an easy way to do it, and he was the guy smart enough to finally get Mike to crack.  Persistance pays off every time.

And believe it or not, he actually tried “the cat food diet” for awhile.

Last I heard, the guy still hasn’t touched a weight and he looks exactly the same as those of us ‘in-the-know’ would expect, but he did develop the curious habit of scratching furniture in between coughing up fur-balls.

[inside joke to Mike: “Hey, man – it’s not like I never lit my arm on fire before!”]



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